Important Information

Volunteers Needed

Please go to our Sign-Up genius page to see what positions are needed.


You can view a copy of the e-Postcard by clicking here and then right click to save to your computer. Please send out to your friends, family, or email lists and post on your Facebook or other website/blog/social media to help get the word out about this magnificent exhibition!

Video Project (Optional)

We plan to have a looping video of SDA artists working in their studios during the exhibition. We would love to include a video by you. Segments from multiple artists will be compiled into a single video. Individual videos should be 2-5 minutes long. Ensure there is enough light to see your art. Captions are fine, but we do not recommend audio. If you do have audio, ensure that any narration is strong and clear. (we recommend you write what you want to say and learn it by heart before filming.) We may edit, dependent upon time, quality of video, and number of videos submitted. Video can be made with cell phone, but the quality of video will depend on phone quality. Video that is determined to not be of sufficient quality may not be used. When you have a completed video, send an email to and we will send you a Dropbox link to upload your video file to. All videos need to be in mp3 format.

Surface Design Examples (Optional)

As part of our educational program, we would like to show the viewers some works in progress. If you have some samples which show your working methods or steps involved, include these in with the package of your art. It would be useful to include a few words of explanation to aid the docents to use as they explain the work. Please mark them with your name and artwork inventory number and include a list of what you have supplied, so they can be returned to you with your artwork.

Classes and Workshops

There are many different fiber, mixed media, collage, basketry and other classes and workshops being offered at the Schack during the run of Fiber Fusion. For the full list of workshops, click here.

Packing & Shipping

* Please have your pieces shipped to arrive on February 23-27. If the pieces do not arrive by the 27th, It’s possible that the Schack will not include them in the show. Please send to:
         Schack Art Center
         Attention: Carie Collver
         2921 Hoyt Ave
         Everett WA 98201

         **Please display the Inventory # of the artwork (listed above) in black marker on the outside of the box.

* Include pre-paid mailing label if you want the artwork to be sent back to you, rather than picking it up in person
* For hand delivery of artwork to Schack, it must arrive between [HOURS], Monday February 27. Hand-delivered artwork still needs to have adequate packaging for the entire run of the show and return of artwork to the artist.
* For the least expensive ground shipping, plan to ship a week before the work needs to arrive at destination. If you ship on a Monday, your artwork will probably spend the least time in transit.
* FedEx Ground is good and they provide excellent tracking. You will be able to generate a pre-paid return label. FedEx also has a shipping time calculator to help you know when to send your package off. FedEx allows up to $1000. for declared value of your package.
* United States Postal Service (USPS) is another good option. There is some tracking on priority packages. However, they will not be able to generate return shipping labels in advance. You can buy enough stamps, but that requires standing in line for any package over 13 ounces.
* UPS is OK but some report problems.
* Ship your artwork in a sturdy box or a tube, not in bubble mailer or envelope. This box or tube should be sturdy enough to last through round trip shipping.
* Inside the box or tube, place your artwork in a plastic bag, allowing a margin all around inside the box. Pad this margin with bubble wrap or other padding material. DO NOT USE PEANUTS–they make a mess. If you use tape, use low tack tape (blue painting tape works well). Do not use clear packing tape which must be cut with scissors or a knife risking cutting your precious artwork.
* Label ALL your packing material with your name and title of the piece (even bubble wrap!)
* Include samples of works in progress for educational purposes, marked with your name and artwork inventory number and include a list of what you have supplied (optional).
* Include a packing slip inside the box with your name, address and contact information, the recipient’s address, title of your artwork(s), quantity sent, retail price or insurance value. Also include a photo of your artwork for quick identification of what artwork goes in your box (low resolution or snapshot is ok).
* If your piece requires special instructions for hanging, include these in with the packing slip.
* Check with shipper as to tape requirements on outside of box. Never use duct tape because it does not adhere properly to cardboard.
* You must also include a prepaid return shipping label if you want your artwork can be shipped back to you.

* You are responsible for any insurance you wish to put on your artwork during the shipping to and from the Fiber Fusion Exhibition.
* FedEx will not insure over $1000. Declared value.
* To collect any claims from the shipper you will need to prove the value of your claim. Some shippers only pay materials, and some will pay only the wholesale value.
* Some retail shipping services have third party insurance services.
* The Schack does carry liability insurance for the artwork. However, insurance policies generally all place the burden of proof of the value of the piece on the artist. They want to see either a history of sales, a sales receipt for the piece, or an appraisal to state the value. Otherwise, they will only cover cost of materials.